Peo Alfonsi

An original reworking that takes its cue from the well-known repertoire of the Cantones De Nadale (the songs from the Christmas Novena) that the Berchiddese parish priest and man of letters Pietro Casu wrote together with the Canon Agostino Sanna of Ozieri in December 1927 and which are now performed throughout Sardinia. In addition to these, an in-depth investigation of the repertoire of Christmas songs that are sung in Sardinia and which is reworked in a jazz key. A passing of the baton between the intertwining of popular voices and the refined polyphony of the guitar of one of the most innovative and representative artists of Sardinia.




He graduated with honors in classical guitar with Maestro Luigi Mazzullo at the Cagliari Conservatory, and has always combined his classical studies with a profound interest in jazz and improvised music. His main interest has always been in the attempt to reconcile the technique and the search for the sound of “cultured” music with the improvisational approach typical of jazz and popular music. He attended various Masterclasses and specialization courses including the summer courses in Norcia (where he obtained the Diploma of Honor) the CPM in Siena and the jazz seminars in Nuoro, and he graduated in Music Education. His first important experience after classical studies is the duo with Massimo Ferra, with whom he wins the first prize in the “Posada jazz project” competition in ’96 and publishes his first CD “Passi difficile”. Several collaborations followed. In 2003 the “Ammentos” trio was born with Fausto Beccalossi and Salvatore Maiore, with whom he recorded the CDs “Ammentos” and “Remarkkramer” for the Velut Luna label (with this last CD he won the Kramer prize in 2008). In the area of world music he was one of Andrea Parodi’s most assiduous collaborators, for whom he also handled the arrangements for the “Armentos” project. He has played in numerous international festivals in over 50 countries around the world with internationally renowned musicians. He took part in the recording of numerous CDs in addition to those in his name, as a guitarist and arranger. He took part in the creation of the music for the film “Agata and the storm” by M.Soldini and played in many theater shows, in the orchestra. Jazz guitar teacher at the Verona Conservatory, he has held various seminars and masterclasses.