Dancefloor Stompers

Dancefloor Stompers

Musical project dedicated to the sound of great music for cinema and television, library music and Soul Jazz / Rhythm’n’blues / Funk of the 60s / 70s. Cinematic modernism since 2009.

Gianmarco Diana

Electric bass

Frank Stara

Drums, percussions

Andrea Schirru

Piano, synth, Keyboards

Danilo Salis

Electric guitars

Silvia Follesa


Marco Cotza



Born in 2009, the Dancefloor Stompers began as a soul-jazz combo, with the intention of celebrating the era of labels such as Blue Note, Verve, Stax or Cadet, and – until 2014 – often changed line-up (from trio, quartet or quintet) and organic musicians (before the current formation, the drummer Giacomo Salis, the guitarists Marco Garau and Carlo Figus, the singer Valentina Steri alternated in the band), playing in the clubs and squares of the island.

Since 2013, the Stompers have been working on the sound of music for sonorization (soundtracks and library music), starting to write their own original songs and participating in various festivals and cultural reviews, related to music, cinema and literature, arriving to produce some own show: among the numerous participations, the reading-concert “Sarti Antonio, Buon Minori”, with Astrid Meloni (2018), “Hit and flee” (2022), with Pierpaolo Piludu, as part of various editions of the “Marina Cafe Noir” Festival in Cagliari; “Città Violente – Tribute to Italian Criminal Cinema 60/70”, at the Teatro di Serrenti, with Apollo Beat from Sassari; the soundtrack of the short film “Civitas Solis” (2016) by Emanuel Cossu; the live soundtrack “Cadavre Exquis” for the “Sinestesie” festival, dedicated to Dada and Surrealist cinema (Cagliari and Sassari, 2017); the show “Stompers ’68” with Juri Orrù, original production for the “Creuza De Mà – Music for Cinema” Festival (Cagliari, 2018); the soundtrack of the feature film “Casteddu Sicsti” (2019) by Paolo Carboni.

In 2018 they released their debut vinyl album – “Librerie Musicali” (Four Flies Records) – produced with Andrea Piraz and Roberto Macis of Solid Twin Studio in Cagliari – and their entire music catalog was acquired by the historic publisher of “Flippermusic ”, Romano Di Bari, and made for download and sync with images with the title of “Italian B-Movies Vol.2 – Retro Cinematic Soundtrack” (Deneb Records / FlipperMusic); several songs of the band are tuned within international film and television productions (recently in the Mexican Netflix series, “Belascoaran”).

In the recordings of the disc, the band manages to put together more than 30 island musicians, including a 20-piece string orchestra, and every type of vintage instrument available; even live, the formation often expands to 8 or 10 elements, with singers, percussion sets and a powerful horn section.

During the pandemic, the band naturally found itself writing songs: with the inclusion of the voices of Silvia Follesa and Marco Cotza (from the Sanchez, and with various experiences as soloists and in other bands) in October 2022 the Stompers have released the EP “Phuture Soul”, produced like the previous one by the Solid Twin Studio team of Cagliari, appetizer of a new LP currently in production: it is the album that marks the transition to the new formation with the singers and to a new live set made up of orogonal songs and covers taken from the American soul/funk repertoire of the 60s and 70s.