La misteriosa musica della Regina Loana

La misteriosa musica della Regina Loana

Gianluigi Trovesi – Gianni Coscia

The opera, inspired by Gianni Coscia’s solo concert adventure dedicated to the great figure of Umberto Eco, a fraternal friend of the accordionist from Alessandria and connected in a double thread with the writer’s book “La misteriosa fiamma della regina Loana” (Queen Loana’s Mysterious Accordion), which has become for Coscia becomes a splendid and unmissable special occasion that, to bring the idea together in a single concept, becomes a hidden subtitle of the musical excellence of two of the most extraordinary artists of our time, capable of telling (even in words, in a total calembour of irony and theatricality) Paduan stories and unique emotions.

Gianluigi Trovesi


Gianni Coscia