Lisa Masia – Marina Cristofalo

lili, the Italian-language electronic project of producers and multi-instrumentalists Lisa Masia and Marina Cristofalo – known as Lilies on Mars, the enfants prodiges discovered and brought to fame by Franco Battiato – is back on the scene with its debut album “Spaziotempo,” released on May 12 by Garrincha Dischi and distributed by Sony Music Italy. A work with electronic sounds recorded between Sardinia, Veneto, Lazio and Emilia Romagna, which saw Lisa and Marina take turns in the production and recording of synths, pads, guitars and drum machines, where rhythm and vocals combine in a perfect synthesis between the overwhelming impetus of dance and the dreamy melodies of dream pop. The album was anticipated by the single “Un altro tempo,” accompanied by a video clip made by videomaker Silvia Cristofalo, who managed to make the song’s estranging and syncopated rhythm with layered images, plays of light and shadow.

«UN ALTRO TEMPO è la disconnessione. La sensazione di sentirsi in un’altra dimensione nello spazio e nel tempo, senza confini ma anche distanti e scollegati dalla realtà. Un altro tempo è esattamente il connubio che confluisce nella ricerca altrove. E la musica è il mezzo di scollegamento che ricollega in altro luogo» – lili


lili è la creatura che nasce dalle menti di Lisa Masia e Marina Cristofalo.

lili is the creature born from the minds of Lisa Masia and Marina Cristofalo. Multi-instrumentalist producers and musicians, formerly known as Lilies on Mars-launched by maestro Franco Battiato, with whom they collaborated from 2007 to 2012-they trained in England and then toured the world and worked with internationally renowned artists such as Tom Furse of the Horrors, with whom they co-produced an album, and Fanfarlo, with whom they shared a world tour in 2014. A perfect synthesis of sweeping beats and lightning-fast melodies, lili is music that pulses and makes you dance as Lisa and Marina’s persuasive voices tell of the nonexistent boundary between reality and dreams, for the first time entirely in Italian. As if the drum machines of Broadcast met Delia Derbyshire, drawing a timeless route that reaches all the way to Radiohead, Moderat, Caribou, St Vincent, Grimes. The first unreleased single “Ritornare,” a symbol of this new adventure, is released April 24 by Garrincha Dischi and included in “Garrincha Libera Tutti,” the eighth mixtape from the Bologna-based label. On November 19 they release the single “Playground,” also for the Bologna-based label, which is followed by the track “Do What You Are” released on May 12, 2021. Their first EP “SPACE,” the first chapter of the new album, is released on December 10, 2021 by Garrincha. On April 6, 2022 they release the track “Follow Me” with composer and producer Ed Carlsen. On April 20, 2023, they return to the scene with the single “Another Time,” a track anticipating the debut album “SPACE” released on May 12.