Ludovica Manzo e Alessandra Bossa

(from the WeStart Production Centre)

The duo formed by singer Ludovica Manzo and electronic musician and pianist Alessandra Bossa offers an original mix of alt pop, electronica and experimentation.

Echoes of classical music and jazz are woven into a system that looks to the world of electronic research and the contemporary Scandinavian scene. Their production explores possible paths that lead from composition to improvisation and vice versa, expanding the boundaries of melody and song with research work on the combination of acoustic and electronic instrumentation.

Ludovica Manzo

Voice, Electronic instruments

Alessandra Bossa

Piano, Electronic instruments

The duo’s live performances build a peculiar, magnetic and magmatic sound world, an electrifying and dreamy sound flow at the same time, characterised by strong interplay.

The first album Inland Images (Folderol Records, 2018), featuring percussionist Michele Rabbia and Norwegian guitarist Eivind Aarset, is a film for images that explores dreamscapes and articulated compositional paths. Sound cut-ups,

From the observation of inner landscapes, the duo shifts perspective in their forthcoming album Animal Mother (Folderol Records, January 2023). The new work draws inspiration from movement, action and the body, observed from different angles. The individual, social, animal body is the constant in the new sound narratives, tracks that interweave electroacoustic textures with electronic beats and samples of natural sounds. Recomposed improvisations, song form and electronic interludes build the material of the record, an imaginative inner world.