Rade’s music surfaces like a memory-laden wreck in which compositions become utopian places of transit.

The sea is the magma that joins the latitudes of the landmasses, musical islands suspended between the popular and the contemporary, between Balkan pulsations, Middle Eastern arches, North African desert adages, Rebetiko quotes and memories of the historical avant-garde, Flamenco reminiscences, dissonant phrasing, epic art-rock crescendos and convergences in glimpses of lyricism.


Sardinian guitar


Paolo Angeli, grew up with his face turned toward the sea in the northern tip of Sardinia.

Considered to be among the most important innovators with roots on the international scene, he has arrived at a synthesis of language in which he has placed traditional Sardinian music in the contemporary, drawing an ideal bridge between memory and innovation, arriving at a Mediterranean avant-garde music suspended between free jazz, folk noise, minimal pop, and post-rock.

Co-protagonist of Angeli’s music is his prepared Sardinian guitar, an orchestral instrument equipped with 18 strings, a hybrid of baritone guitar, cello and drums, equipped with hammers, pedalboards, variable pitch propellers.

Paolo Angeli has 12 solo albums, has been living in Spain since 2005 and plays regularly at major festivals and theaters on all continents. He has been improvising and collaborating with Fred Frith, Iva Bittova, Hamid Drake, Evan Parker, Antonello Salis, Pat Metheny, Jon Rose, ect.