We like to believe that passion is rewarded, we like to believe that a passionate audience follows us in our adventures that take the form of new special productions and guests who are always at the forefront, because it is passion that moves us within this great experience that is the Insulae Lab music production centre, unique in Sardinia and elsewhere.

And if on the one hand it is passion that moves everything, on the other hand there is music: a unique and unrivalled engine.
Those who love to be enthralled by live music cannot miss this opportunity: Insulæ Lab – Centro di Produzione Musica offers advantageous subscriptions.

Two different offers, valid until 31 December 2023:
Mini subscription free 40€ (5 concerts)
Maxi free subscription 70€ (10 concerts)

Yes, that’s right: + YOU LIKE IT + YOU SAVE MONEY

Discover all the dates on insulaelab.com and buy more concerts through the online presale on ticketmaster.itor at the theatre box office.

Infoline 342 647 6726

See you in Berchidda?