Spiriti Guida

Cristina Donà e Saverio Lanza


Two musicians together on stage to trace their respective sound and sentimental geographies, paying homage to voices and influences that have inspired and moved them over time. It is called “Spiriti Guida” (Guiding Spirits), the new live project by Cristina Donà and Saverio Lanza: an evocative itinerary in which Donà’s songs, often co-written with Lanza, allow the songs of their favourite artists to emerge, from their earliest youthful listening to the present day, in a reinterpretation that draws on Lucio Battisti, the Bee Gees, Claudio Monteverdi, the Beatles, Sinead O’Connor, Franco Battiato, Suzanne Vega, David Bowie and many others.


Every artist, in the course of his or her life, encounters works by other authors that fascinate and guide him or her. There is therefore an emotional bond that connects artists of all genres and ages, which is one of the driving forces behind the changing nature of art.

Cristina Donà and Saverio Lanza’s ambition with ‘Spiriti Guida’ is to shed light on this invisible line, bringing to the stage a performance that combines the duo’s repertoire with the work of the masters who have nourished their souls and infected their path.

Cristina Donà e Saverio Lanza


“As long as I have been bringing my own music to the stage, I have never stopped paying homage to the music of others, either through simple quotations or recorded covers, or even with shows dedicated entirely to one or more artists I love. Among the ideas we consider every day as we write and plan, this seemed like a good opportunity to range widely between mutual listening, my own songs, readings and, of course, the pleasure of interpreting musical gems. But another aspect that attracted me was to put the spotlight on the mixed nature that makes us up. Each of us is the result of a mixture, not an aseptic being in a closed system. Making people listen to what we are made of seemed healthy and fun. What we are is also thanks to what others have created.

Cristina Donà