Daniele D’Agaro, ENRICO TERRAGNOLI, Luigi Vitale, Valeria Sturba

Camillo Prosdocimo, Alan “Gunga” Purves

A trio with wooden instruments, one of a kind, a rich and deep sonority, with a wide palette of colors. Birdsong recreated by a great artist who tells the primordial story between man and birds.

The musical program develops over 24 hours with the songs of the lark, herald of the new day; the song thrush, great virtuoso and in turn imitator of other birds, the blackbird that calls at dusk; the nightingale, the poets singer of love and the owl associated with the primordial power of underground energies. Birds imitated perfectly by the cackler Camillo Prosdocimo who interacts and improvises with the instrumental trio.

Daniele D’Agaro has transcribed the various songs of the individual birds or the rhythmic-melodic phrases, built the modes related to them and written a series of compositions where the imitated songs of Camillo merge with the instrumental and improvised parts.

AE means, in Logudorese Sardinian, bird and volatile but it is above all the name of the eagle, the king of birds.