About the work of Maria Lai

Francesco Saiu, Francesco Cusa, Fabrizio Saiu, Antonello Meloni, Marta Loddo.

In co-production with Centro di Produzione Danza della Sardegna “FuoriMargine”

Together with Costantino Nivola, Maria Lai (Ulassai 1919 – Cardedu 2013) is the most important artist of Sardinian contemporary art. Her idea of Relational Art of the 1980s, combined with the sign-designs of the 1990s, merges with the tangles of threads and ropes of looms and Geographies that give her an international dimension. Her friendship with the fashion designer Antonio Marras and the artists Maria Sannia and Elena Ledda provides the cue for a production that highlights her artistic freedom imbued with poetry, spaces and silences. These will be underlined by the contemporary dance of the Centro di Produzione Danza della Sardegna ‘FuoriMargine’.



After completing his first studies on the classical guitar, he devoted himself to the study of the electric guitar, tackling various genres from blues to rock, and then moved on to the study of improvisation and jazz. In 2013 he obtained the II level Academic Diploma (with 110/110 cum laude) in music and jazz guitar at the Luca Marenzio Conservatory of Brescia. He has won numerous competitions as a soloist and various scholarships as best student at the Nuoro Jazz seminars in 2000, a scholarship awarded by the Saint Louis College of Music in 2001 and by Berklee college in 2002. He has attended numerous Master Classes with some of the most interesting musicians of the national and international jazz, rock and pop scene. He has performed in concert as a soloist and instrumentalist in small ensembles and orchestras. His interest in the most diverse forms of art has allowed him to perform in the most unusual contexts, collaborating in musical and improvisational performances with writers, poets, painters and with artists close to dance and theatre. He has been a guest in numerous jazz music festivals throughout Italy, and as an improviser in numerous contemporary art and visual arts festivals, but also in many literary festivals. He has recorded five discs in his name which have been reviewed by the most important specialized music magazines. Since 2020 he has been teaching popular jazz guitar at the G. Donizetti Conservatory in Bergamo. He has been directing the JAZZPULSE radio program since 2020.



Drummer, composer, writer, he was born in Catania in 1966. He began studying the piano at the age of fourteen, then switched to the drums doing seminars with Ettore Fioravanti, Bruno Biriaco, Roberto Gatto, Massimo Manzi. In Bologna he graduated from the Dams with the thesis: “The extra-musical elements in jazz performance”. In that humus he has the opportunity to collaborate with artists from various parts of Italy, such as Fabrizio Puglisi, Domenico Caliri, Paolo Fresu etc. In those years he founded the Bolognese collective “Bassesfere”, together with other exponents of jazz music and research of those years. His artistic career will lead him to play over the years in France, Romania, Croatia, Slovenia, Bosnia/Herzegovina, Serbia, Holland, Germany, Switzerland, Austria, Hungary, Norway, Spain, Belgium, Denmark, Poland, USA, China, Japan , Ethiopia, Turkey. Subsequently, together with Paolo Sorge and Carlo Natoli, he founded the artistic project “Improvvisatore Involontario”, which will become one of the most influential labels in the Italian research jazz scene. Always interested in artistic interdisciplinarity, he is also a writer of short stories, novels and poems and he has published several articles on musicology and film criticism in many specialized magazines.During his career he has carried out numerous works of creation and sonorization of music for film, theatre, literature, dance and visual arts, collaborating with well-known dancers, poets and visual performers He teaches jazz drums at the Conservatory of Messina, after many years of teaching at the conservatories of Benevento, Monopoli, Frosinone, Lecce, Reggio Calabria.



Mover, performer and sound artist, works in experimental music and in the field of performing arts. His research focuses on the development of performative mechanisms based on the interweaving of different practices in which the environment, bodily actions and sound are central elements. He performs as a musician and performer at the Santarcangelo Festival, PerAspera Festival, Labor sonor series Kule Kunsthaus, Italský kulturní institut (Prague), Cantieri Culturali Isolotto, Nu Festival Arts and community, Linea Festival, SuperPark, Pergine Festival, Kunsthaus Nexus – Jazz Saalfelden, Peripheral Festival, Festival/Ctonia interactions. In 2021 he was resident artist at Tempo Reale in a project to develop a performance based on the interaction between art du déplacement and vocal synthesis. In 2022 he is resident artist at the Teatro Grande (Brescia) for the development of Métron Extended.



“Save Your Atoll” is a project born in 2019 by the Italian artist Antonello Meloni based in Sardinia. Deep sound and Techno are his current language which forms the basis of a musical expression full of ambient and atmospheric elements without ever forgetting the groove that outlines the storytelling. After the first year dedicated to presentations and the recording of dozens of podcasts in 2020 Save Your Atoll starts publishing its own productions. In 2021 El Ritual, Bioma Ep and Blind Runners are released for Fur:ther Sessions (Germany), Limbara on Oslated (Korea) and Body Language for Dosis Records (Chile). In 2022 several releases also followed for Bahn Rec, (Spain) and Space Textures (England) and in the summer he began to be seen regularly even behind the console, hired by the historic Sardinian organization Basstation he shares the stage with Polygonia, Claudio Prc, Martinou , while at the end of the year an Ep will see the light. together with friend John plaza on his newborn Linderluft Rec. and the very first vinyl track on a huge V.A. for Fur:ther Sessions. His songs have been played both live and featured in many podcasts by prominent underground artists such as: NESS, Claudio Prc., Eric Cloutier, Ina Kacz, Justine Perry and many more.



Marta Loddo is a singer and composer. She collaborates regularly with various Sardinian musicians. In 2014, she was part of the Ensemble Mambo Varese directed by saxophonist Norbert R. Stammberger. He carries on his solo project for voice and loopstation under the name of mumucs For voice and loopstation, he realises the soundtrack of two plays written and performed by the author Savina Dolores Massa, “Una borsa così pittoresca”(2012), inspired by Antonio Gramsci’s “Letters from prison” and “Please don’t dust my bones”(2014), a homage to Alda Merini. He realised the sound setting for the performance “Rabbia- 5 Studi per un Lutto” (Anger- 5 Studies for a Mourning) by the dancer Elena Annovi in 2017, with whom he produced the site-specific performance “Sono Tornate le Lucciole” (original Dromos Festival production) in 2021. He produces numerous literary readings for which he curates music and readings. He takes part in several festivals (Time in Jazz, Karel Music Expo, San Teodoro Jazz, Bookolica Festival, Festival Della Fiaba – Modena, Festival Tensioni – Rovigo, Pedras et Sonus Jazz Festival, Miniere Sonore, Ai Confini Tra Sardegna e Jazz, Signal Reloaded, Nuoro Jazz). From 2019, he introduces the Dromos Festival concerts with micro-performances straddling music and literature.


Dancer, performer, author

From a very young age she has been conducting movement research that has led her to develop an experimental and personal language. Her work finds deep roots with the land Sardinia, while cultivating strong relationships with national and international creative circles. She collaborates on a regular basis with Fuorimargine- Dance and performing arts production center and with the movimentopoetico association. She has trained and worked with prestigious centers of training and production, such as the Venice Dance Biennale, Anghiari Dance Hub, Da.Re., the Cortoindanza festival.