A Filetta, Daniele di Bonaventura

The extraordinary contemporary Corsican polyphony and the Mediterranean repertoire (with particular attention to the Sardinian and Corsican ones) assisted by a pure improviser like the Marche region Daniele di Bonaventura with the sound of his bandoneon. A project co-arranged by Jean-Claude Acquaviva, historical leader of the vocal group “A Filetta” (the fern in the Corsican language) and by Di Bonaventura himself. The air of the six male voices joins that of the bellows of the main instrument of the tango which, despite its role in Argentine music, was born in Germany as a portable organ to accompany religious services in German churches. A new vision of the inner song that has always belonged to the neighboring islands, Sardinia and Corsica.


Jean-Claude Acquaviva, François Aragni

Jean-Do Bianco, Petr’Antò Casta

Paul Giasily, Maxime Vuillamier

A Filetta’s music is a journey… It could be said that it is a polyphonic and vocal proposal which is challenging, audacious and contemporary, even though coming from a powerful oral tradition. It is in 1978 that very young people — among whom teenagers, driven by a strong willingness to contribute to the protection of a declining oral heritage — started their journey… and their journey has been long, sometimes sinuous but always punctuated by discoveries and wonderful encounters. Therefore, the singers gladly confess that « the encounter » is written in their musical DNA. This probably explains why they have never wanted to limit this journey to the perimeter of their roots : encouraged by the tradition they inherited from, they quickly opened to others – other territories, other disciplines, other artists (performers, composers, directors, choreographers). A Filetta’s music is dedicated to a vision of the world rejecting without any ambiguity identitarian closure and the vocal ensemble’s philosophy is encapsulated in this beautiful aphorism by René Char : « The purest harvests are sowed in a ground that does not exist; they get rid of gratitude and only owe to spring.



Daniele di Bonaventura is a composer, arranger, pianist and bandoneonist. From the beginning of his work, he has been interested in musical improvisation although he studied classical music (Composition conservatory diploma): since he was eight years old, he studied piano, cello, composition and orchestra conducting. His collaborations extended from classical music to contemporary music, from jazz to tango, world music and in theater, cinema and dance too. He played in the biggest italian and international festivals including: Rumori Mediterranei (Roccella Jonica) in 1987 and 1988, Jazz & Image di Villa Celimontana in Rome, Ravenna Jazz 2000, Clusone Jazz 2001, Biennale Arte Venezia 2001, Sant’Anna Arresi Jazz 2004, Festival della Letteratura Mantova 2004, Cormòns 2005, Accademia Nazionale di Santa Cecilia’s Chamber Music Festival in 2005, Umbria Jazz Winter in 2014, Music Hall Festival and Royal Festival Hall in London, Music Hall in Leeuwarden (Holland), 30° Deutsches Jazz Festival in Frankfurt, Berlin Jazz Festival, Festa de la Mercè in Barcelona, Opera House in Cairo, Olavsfestdagen a in Trondheim (Norway), Berlioz Festival, Jazz in Marciac (France), Jazz at Bran Castle (Romania), and in other countries like Switzerland, Portugal, Brazil, Argentine, Slovenia, Moldova, Croatia, Latvia, Albania, Singapore, USA and South Africa. He played, recorded and performed with artists from all over the world. He recorded and published more than fifty album with many labels.