Ester Formosa e Elva Lutza

Ester Formosa & Elva Lutza

Ester Formosa & Elva Lutza

The return of Elva Lutza (Nico Casu and Gianluca Dessì), this time in the company of one of the great interpreters of Catalan song: the singer and actress Ester Formosa. On the scene for thirty years, Ester boasts a discography of seven titles, some with the great guitarist Toti Soler and others with texts by Jordi Guardans and his father Felìu Formosa, probably the greatest living Catalan-speaking scholar.
Elva Lutza are one of the most interesting realities of music in Sardinia: winners of the Andrea Parodi award in 2011, they released two albums of great success with critics and the public, and an unusual mix of tradition, jazz-style improvisation and songwriting . The Ester Formosa/Elva Lutza project has also seen the light on disc, a work entitled “Cancionero”: pieces in Catalan, Sardinian, Castilian and ancient Sephardic. The CD that had international distribution was released in September 2018 and received the prestigious nomination (the famous “cinquina”) at the Targhe Tenco 2019 in the “Performers” category.
In the meantime the trio has performed in important festivals in Italy, France, England (for the “Listen to the World” review in London), Spain (in Barcelona, ​​at the “Tradicionarius” Festival) and, of course, in Sardinia.


Ester Formosa


Nico Casu

Trumpet, voice

Gianluca Dessì

Guitars, mandola

Bruno Piccinnu

Percussions, drums, piano