Guido Coraddu

Miele Amaro

Guido Coraddu

Miele Amaro’s journey aims to cast a light on the work of authors of different age and backgrounds, encompassing forty years and at least three generations. To do so, it chooses to tell this tale of music and musicians through the keyboard, as classical as it is contemporary, of a piano, leaving aside for a moment the intimate relationship of every musician with their own instrument (in some cases a unique one, as Paolo Angeli and his prepared guitar). Miele Amaro has written a transcription that tries to find a balance between jazz reinterpretation – which reclaims the pieces and tailors them, sometimes changing harmonies and forms – and the original concept of those compositions.

The project’s name, Miele Amaro, comes from a fundamental anthology of Sardinian poetry and prose, published by Salvatore Cambosu in 1954: an essential reading for those who want to approach the culture of this island. This music project is a journey through the pieces of various Sardinian musicians – from Marcello Melis to Zoe Pia through Marino Derosas, Gavino Murgia and the unmissable Paolo Fresu and Antonello Salis – to walk along those roads that go from Sardinia to jazz… and back.

Guido Coraddu


Sardinian artist, he moves between the sounds of jazz, rock, world-music, avant-garde and experimentation. He has two projects to his credit of which he is a leader and plays alongside nationally and internationally renowned artists, ranging from various musical genres within which he contextualizes his instrument, seeking from time to time the synthesis between the canons of tradition and a personal and modern approach.

In 2000, under the guidance of Ludovica Pane, he obtained a piano diploma at the Conservatorio ‘Pierluigi da Palestrina’.

In 1999 he graduated in Electronic Engineering from the University of Padua, Centre for Computational Sonology.

Album: Miele Amaro, BURP, Sfarinati di Cereali per Alimentazione Umana, La Notte che Arrivò l’Inverno, L’Age d’Or