About the work “L’uomo che volle essere Perón” 

by Giovanni Maria Bellu
Gavino Murgia (sax, launeddas, voice)

Alessandro Lay e Francesca Pani (2 reciting voices of Cada Die Teatro)

Giancarlo Biffi (Director, Cada Die Teatro)

An extraordinary book born from the pen of Giovanni Maria Bellu, one of the greatest and most courageous Italian journalists, for a fantastic story between Mamoiada, the Sardinian village of masks and rituals, and the Argentina of Juan Perón, alias Giovanni Piras.

Gavino Murgia’s sound universe, stretched between jazz, improvisation, tradition and electronics, is made up of a very rich library of traditional and contemporary voices and instruments. As many voices are those of the Cada Die Teatro, directed by Giancarlo Biffi, who reduces the text to offer a photograph of a story stretched between reality and imagination.



He started playing alto sax when he was twelve years old. Thanks to his father’s well‐stocked vinyl record collection he had the chance to discover and grow while listening to jazz and classical music. He started playing with various pop and funk groups and collaborated with some theatrical companies in Sardinia; he attended Paolo Fresu seminars in Nuoro and very soon after he traveled to Siena when he was 19 years old to be part of the Jazz Orchestra Giovanile Italiana as first tenor sax. This immersion in the jazz world gave him the opportunity to increase his experience and to get in touch with many musicians with whom he had countless opportunities to play and to do records in duo, trio and quartet groups. With its deep musical roots, Sardinia was constantly present in his sonorous path. The Canto a Tenores in his Bassu (bass) part he had when he was in his teen years and the traditional study of the Launeddas (pan-pipes), slowly merge with the African‐American music finding an original and authentic path. Along with the Soprano and Tenor sax he also plays the Baritone sax, Flutes and Duduk. He has played and recorded with artists from all over the world.



He has been part of Cada Die Teatro since 1982, the year of its foundation. He made his debut as an actor in L’Antigone, as an actor / author with Nico and then with L’ombra di Achille; as director/author with Cassandra and with Lombroso Amleto, a co-production that marks the beginning of the collaboration with Rossella Dassu, then resumed from 2013 to the present day with Joyce, life of Joyce Lussu, debut in Bologna in 2015, and then with Raptus, dedicated to the Greek myth and to femicide: he is co-author and director of both works. He is responsible for the direction of the project “Between author and story” with Cristolu by Salvatore Niffoi and Archipelagos by Maria Giacobbe, which will be presented in Copenhagen in 2015, in a project that will involve the author, the Italian cultural institute, the university of Copenhagen. Milan to burn, which he directs, is one of the works on Theater and memory. For the theater dedicated to children, he directs Pedrigheddu and Il resprio del vento. He collaborates in the direction and dramaturgy of Quixote Flamingo, Lucio l’asino, Più Veloce di un braglio.

In 2019 he made his debut with the show Riva Luigi ’69 ’70 Cagliari ai di dello scudetto as author of the text and actor. For over 20 years he has worked in the field of education with attention to the world of diversity and fragility, with integrated workshops for adolescents and adults, internships in collaboration with various high schools and specific courses for the School of Performing Arts La Vetreria, with texts and original directions.



An actress and theater trainer, she graduated from the Faculty of Architecture in 2015 with a thesis investigating the relationship between the body and inhabited places; this research led to a show and several projects that bring together theater with the themes of architecture and community. For several years he has been staging the show Three Buttons and the House with Wheels directed by Mauro Mou. Since 2021 he has been on stage with Mignolina, a show dedicated to childhood directed by Sylvester Ziccardi. Next year he will debut a new work based on a short story by Antonio Catalano directed by Mauro Mou. Along with producing shows, she conducts theater workshops and stage performances in schools, and curates theater workshops aimed at the community. She trained as an actress at Cada Die Teatro and met in her path many masters and teachers such as Chiara Guidi, Antonio Catalano, Marco Manchisi, Rossella Dassu.



Director, actor and author, as well as artistic director of the Cada Die Teatro and the Centro d’Arte La Vetreria, a graduate of the Dams of Bologna, with a thesis on theater in Sardinia, he has staged, written and in some cases interpreted more than fifty theatrical works, including: Ecuba last act, Nausicàa, L’Antigone, Desertion, Milan to burn, HamletRevolution, Marea, The magic flute, Friends for the skin, Left-handed heart, Without Land, A/R, The last Sprint … His theatrical experience began in the seventies at the Santa Marta Social Center in Milan and continued with participation in the International School of Theater Anthropology directed by Eugenio Barba. In his wealth of experience: workshops, courses, internships and collaborations with masters of theatre, cinema and dance including Wim Wenders, Andrej Tarkovskij, Jerzy Grotowski, Jerzi Jngemar Lindh, Ko Murobuschi, Andrej Gregory, Thierry Salmon, Vincenzo Cerami and Fabrizio Cruciani… There are numerous collaborations with musicians, including Paolo Fresu, Antonello Salis, Paolo Angeli, Gavino Murgia, Ruben Chaviano, Tommaso Novi, Frederic Tarì, Orchestra and Chorus of the Teatro Lirico of Cagliari. The production dedicated to children’s literature is significant, including fairy tales starring an intrepid and courageous little owl, all edited by Edizioni Segnavia and illustrated by Valeria Valenza. He has published for the Cuec editions: The return of colors, A theater of stories, Left-handed heart, Armarù and Between two peoples. For the Condaghes Mariposa editions, the mechanical butterfly