Matteo Muntoni 

In this concert with: Raffaele Pilia, Antonio Pinna, Francesca Corrias, Simone Soro

The project, conceived by the composer Matteo Muntoni, a Sardinian archeology enthusiast, was born at the end of 2016, then consolidated into an ensemble composed of 3 female voices, bass, guitar and percussion. The work is entirely dedicated to Nuragic Sardinia, to the strong link between past and present, to the continuity of identity, to the collective memory and to the historical legacy of which we are custodians. The composed music is an acoustic sound flow strongly inspired by the ancient cults and mysteries, by the ancestral rites that took place in the sacred sites, which have remained alive to this day, restoring the features of an imaginary sonorization.
There are two common threads that intersect each other to form two musical suites:
– the first is Nur: a short term capable of representing the entire epic of ancient Sardinia, its charm and the mystery that still characterizes many of its buildings; questions that history and archeology still reserve the time to investigate;
– the second is Bisu (dream): the oral legends and cultural traditions that characterized the time of community life in the past, handed down and still practiced today, become a source of inspiration for the creation of a new, dreamlike and imaginative sound dimension, in where the music underlines the ritual aspect of the deep collective emotional participation.



Graduated in Jazz and Electronic Music with honors, he is active as a composer and instrumentalist in the field of experimental and experimental music, in jazz, rock and contemporary music; as a bassist he has several record publications to his credit as well as productions bearing his name, while as a composer and sound designer he has participated in literature and theater festivals, created music for commercials, documentaries and multimedia art installations.

Since 2021 he has been Professor of the Laboratory of compositional strategies and improvisational techniques for the Sant’Anna Arresi Jazz Festival: he has 20 record productions for national and international labels to his credit; he has played in the most important national festivals.




Raffaele Pilia – classical and electric guitar

Antonio Pinna – Drums and percussions

Francesca Corrias – Voice

Simone Soro – Violin