Piano Island #02

Seby Burgio, Alessandro Di liberto

After last year’s success of the duo composed of Sicilian Dino Rubino and Sardinian Luca Mannutza, the second chapter of Piano Island is still dedicated to the investigation between the two largest islands in the Mediterranean. This time it is a tight dialogue through the keys of acoustic piano and electronic keyboards and pads. The Sicilian Seby Burgio and the Sardinian Alessandro Di Liberto move between jazz and song, between echoes of tradition and sound experimentation that looks to the future, as the two islands observe each other and the world.



He began studying when he was only 4 years old and from a very young age he won various national and international classical music competitions. He soon began studying jazz piano and in 2008 he took part in the “Massimo Urbani” prize, winning the audience prize, the scholarship for Umbria Jazz and his first recording for the prestigious Italian label Philology Records. Just 18 years old he recorded his first album “GIANT STEPS” in trio with Massimo Morriconi on double bass and Massimo Manzi on drums. He won several Italian jazz competitions including Vittoria Jazz Award 2009, Chicco Bettinardi Award 2009, Enzo Randisi Award 2009, Enzo Zannelli Award 2009, Lelio Luttazzi Award 2011, Barga Jazz Award 2011, Critics Award at the European Jazz Contest 2011, Pippo Ardini Award 2011, Baronissi Jazz Award 2012, Corrado Maranci Award 2012, City of Philadelphia Award 2012, Paolo Randazzo Award 2012, Amigdala Music Talent Award 2012, Luca Flores Award 2012. In 2012 he graduated in Classical Piano at the A. Corelli Conservatory. In 2013 he moved to Rome where in addition to his artistic career in the world of Jazz, he establishes various collaborations in the world of cinema by recording for various Rai, Mediaset, Netflix, Amazon Video productions. In addition to jazz, he undertakes the activity of session worker in the pop / songwriting world. Among the latest collaborations: the one with the Roman singer-songwriter Mannarino and the one with the Neapolitan singer Massimo Ranieri (with whom he is currently on tour and took part in the latest Rai 3 broadcast “Qui รจ Subito”). He has more than 30 recordings and numerous collaborations in the Jazz field and beyond. Today he is one of the most requested pianists in the Italian music scene in general.



He began studying the guitar as a self-taught at the age of eight, and then moved on to the piano. In 1985 he enrolled at the G. P. Da Palestrina Conservatory of Cagliari where he undertook the study of Composition. In the same period he forms his first musical group with which he has the opportunity to make the first experiences of live music. He became passionate about Jazz and graduated in 1996 in Jazz Piano and Music Education in the Netherlands. During his stay in the Netherlands, he founded (together with saxophonist Klaus Gesing) the Di Liberto-Gesing Quartet with which he performed in the Netherlands, as well as in prestigious international exhibitions and festivals, such as the North Sea Jazz Festival, Beauforthuis (The Netherlands), Villach ( Austria), Jazz in Vienne (France). In the summer of 1999 he returned to Sardinia and began to carry out an intense teaching activity. In 2002 he founded a private school where he organizes group meetings with theory lessons, ensemble music, history of jazz and individual piano lessons. In 2003 he was contacted by Paolo Fresu to join the teaching staff of the winter seminars in Nuoro. He will be reconfirmed during all the following years until 2012. Since 2004 he has been collaborating as an external teacher at the Cagliari Conservatory as a teacher of Jazz Piano, Jazz Harmony, Ensemble Music. Starting from 2014 he obtained the chair in Bari and the role in Cagliari in 2018 (where he still teaches Jazz Piano, Improvisation Techniques, Harmony and Jazz Arrangement). He follows a series of participations in festivals, reviews, concerts, collaborations … During his career he has played with important exponents of the national and international jazz scene.