Stefano Calderano – Luca Sguera – Giovanni Iacovella

She’s Analog explores the sound possibilities offered by a particular declination of the most classic ensemble: the trio.
Collectively creating music, the group is inspired by a tenuous compositional starting point, which is enriched by the practice of free improvisation.
Compositions are shaped as fragile architectures that never become a limitation for creative expression: these structures carry feelings and suggestions, and let catch a glimpse of an inner space.
The group’s own language is constantly fed by the different influences and backgrounds of the individual musicians: contemporary classical, jazz, post-rock, minimalism
and electronics all represent languages that interact dialectically, creating precious landscapes and textures that are always different, emotional and never abstract.

Stefano Calderano

Electric guitar

Guitarist, sound designer, improviser and composer, graduated with honors from the Santa Cecilia conservatory in Rome, she is part of ‘she she’s analog’, ‘tellKujira’ and ‘McCorman’; he has played in various Italian jazz festivals, and collaborates on a regular basis with various musicians: Francesco Ziello, Carmine Casciello, Ivan Liuzzo, Carlo Costa; he was part of ‘open cluster’, a multidisciplinary collective, and in this context he collaborated with musicians and visual artists such as Sara Bernabucci, Fabio Barile, kNN, Ivan Macera, Alberto Timossi. Graduated with full marks in Humanities at ‘La Sapienza’ (Rome), he worked for a period as a curator with various artists, including Matteo Basilè and Adrian Tranquilli, organizing the collective ‘TM’ at the GNAM in Rome. He was born in Maratea in 1974 and currently lives and works in Rome Luca Sguera / piano, synth (IT)

Luca Sguera

Pianist, composer and improviser.

After graduating in physics in 2012, he began studying at the Siena Jazz University with, among others, Alfonso Santimone, Simone Graziano, Rita Marcotulli and Stefano Battaglia. With the latter he embarked on a two-year journey of personal research in solo improvisational performance. In addition to improvisation, he loves to investigate composition as a stratification of signs and meanings, through a practice that makes rhythm and timbre its key points. He is active in various projects including AKA and she’s analog with which he has released several albums (Aut, Auand) and has performed in festivals and clubs in Italy and abroad (Torrione Jazz Club, Novara Jazz, Italian Cultural Institute in Paris, Serravalle Jazz, Soresina Jazz Festival, Jazzit Fest, Barga Jazz, San Leo Music Festival, Empoli Jazz).

Giovanni Iacovella

Drums, synth, live electronics

Giovanni Iacovella presents himself as a drummer and audiovisual artist, interested in the worlds of improvisation and electronic music in their broadest sense. After a three-year degree in Jazz Drums and Percussion at the Santa Cecilia Conservatory in Rome, he moves to Amsterdam to continue his studies with a two-year Live Electronics course at the Conservatorium van Amsterdam, where he cultivates a research work on the mix between acoustic and electronic instruments. Currently active in several bands in Italy and abroad, he is an integral part of She’s Analog, whose first record work was published by Auand Records in 2020. Currently he focuses on the development of the first solo project – from which an audiovisual performance emerges which saw the light of Italian and European stages in 2022 (De Helling, Uncloud, De Ruimte, Germi, ZUT!). In mid-2023 he expects the release of the first record work.