Enzo Favata project

(Enzo Favata, Pasquale Mirra, Simone Graziano, Marco Frattini)

feat. Christina Polycarpou

“Voyage en Sardaigne” is a 1988 project that involved 14 musicians in an imaginary journey that does not follow a precise geographical route, but is a continuous flashback in the frequent journeys within Sardinia with its landscapes, its colors and its faces.

A new show, to celebrate the 25th anniversary of the birth of the successful project now borrowed from the same line-up at the time and with the addition of guests who embellish its journey, confirms that idea of ​​a “tradition in transition” music that seeks ways transversal between ancient music and modern languages ​​such as jazz improvisation, classical music and other ethnic influences beyond the sea.
Ancient and modern instruments – launeddas, saxophones, stringed instruments, benas, trunfa, guitars, tenor voices, bandoneons, percussions – coexist, live and with samples, in this concert-show creating an original sound that is enriched by the musician Cypriot Christina Polycarpou, virtuoso player of the lyre, a traditional instrument of the Cypriot tradition with a Middle Eastern flavour.

Enzo Favata Project

Enzo Favata: sax

Pasquale Mirra: vibraphone, marimba midi and electronics

Simone Graziano: acoustic piano, bass synth & synth

Marco Frattini: drums & samplers

Christina Polycarpou


Born in Nicosia in 1986. She plays and teaches the Cretan lyre with sympathetic strings. He initially studied classical guitar for 6 years; parallel to his studies at the Department of Musicology of the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki he studied the Istanbul lyre. In 2013 she moved to Crete, where she remained for three years and dedicated herself to the study of the lyre with sympathetic strings, a variant of the Cretan lyre, initially conceived and taught by Ross Daly. She is the artistic director of Labyrinth Cyprus and a member of the organization team of Labyrinth Online. For 4 years he taught lyre in the public music schools of Cyprus. Stayed in Dubai for 7 months (September 2021-April 2022) as a member of the 50-member International Official Music Department of World Expo2020Dubai. He collaborates with Cypriot and foreign musicians from different musical fields (world music, Cretan music, dub and reggae, etc.). Participations: Expo2020Dubai (official music department), Museum of the Future-Dubai (opening ceremony), 3rd and 9th Cyprus Jazz & World Music Showcase, 16th Cyprus Rialto World Music Festival, Reggae Sunjam Festival, MoonWalk (2022), Larnaca Medieval Festival, Fikardou Christmas Village 2022, Cypriot National Commission for UNESCO at Leventis Gallery etc.